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The Community Centre Today

NQ Training & Community Centre is a vibrant and busy Community Centre situated in the heart of Garbutt, providing services to communities across North Queensland.

In the past year, the Centre has developed and grown exponentially through the support of the Townsville Community. Today the centre employs two part time staff members as well as a whole host of volunteers that contribute to the centre in many different ways. We are now offering something for everyone through our huge variety of services, programs, activities and events.

Founding by the Department of Communities will ensure the continuation of all our great programs, activities and events.

With such a dynamic Centre there are always exciting developments on the horizon for the future so be sure to keep in touch through this website, the NQTCC Community Newsletter or drop in and see us at the Centre, 15 Lonerganne Street in Garbutt.


History of the Community Centre

NQ Training & Community Centre’s humble beginnings started with a meeting at the Garbutt State School on 16 February 1995. Local residents, councilors and the Department of Housing met together on this day to look at the need for a Community Centre in the area which would act as a focal point to draw people together, stimulate community involvement and create a wide range of community activities in which the local residents may participate.

Meetings continued at the school throughout 1995 during which time a Management Committee was formed and a survey was carried out by James Cook University students to identify the potential roles and activities of a Neighbourhood House in Garbutt. After a few setbacks in trying to secure a building, a submission was presented to the Department of Housing who offered a couple of vacant properties for use as a community centre. The current location of 15 Lonerganne Street was agreed upon and with the support of grants from the Townsville City Council and the Department of Housing, as well as a lot of hard work from local residents; the house underwent improvements which included making it disability accessible, the planting of gardens and the installment of furnishings. On 17 July 1997 the Garbutt Neighbourhood House was officially opened by Deputy Mayor, Councilor Ann Bunnell.

Much of the early work of the Centre focused on community issues which included public transport, community safety and traffic issues as well as providing a facility for community forums. Additionally, Garbutt Neighbourhood House provided a valuable meeting space for local community organisations and activities and over time the use of the centre for this purpose has grown significantly. During this time the Garbutt Neighbourhood House took on the important task of preparing the local community newsletter, Chit Chat. This newsletter has undergone a few name changes and revamps but is still produced today under the title of NQTCC Community Newsletter.

In 2001, Anna Bligh, then Minister for Families, Youth and Community Care announced continual funding for the Community House. This provided for a permanent, fulltime coordinator to be positioned at the house. After many months of debate, at this time the Management Committee came to the decision to change the House’s name to Townsville West Community Centre. This change brought about a much closer working relationship and community involvement with the suburbs surrounding Garbutt.

The ongoing developments and additions to the Centre have enabled the expansion of activities and programs and the community’s use of the centre continues to increase each year. To reflect this growth and further encompass the larger community of North Queensland, the Centre is now known as NQ Training & Community Centre. Although there have been many changes and developments throughout the years, the Board and Management are continually reviewing the Centre’s policies and direction and remain dedicated to the philosophy and values it set out at the beginning of the journey.



Our experienced and friendly staff are here to help you enjoy your activities and make you feel welcome. Please drop in and speak with the centre’s staff about your needs for educational and personal development options or recreational and hobby choices. We would like to welcome everyone to visit us at NQ Training & Community Centre.




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